Trace3 solves business problems with technology. We provide strategy, integrated solutions, and support to deliver superior outcomes to enterprise and commercial clients across the United States. Our expertise lies in Cloud, Security, and Data & Analytics solutions backed by emerging tech, research, and VC relations.


Trace3’s Security Observability and Data Analytics teams help our clients define and architect their custom requirements when it comes to OT, IoT, & IoMT monitoring and visibility. Gain insights into systems and devices, previously difficult to monitor, through the use of Splunk Edge Hub and Trace3’s expertise. Our innovative approach and solutions include unique use cases across manufacturing, industrial, healthcare, energy, retail, and telecommunications to help you proactively monitor and protect your systems, reduce unplanned downtime, and improve efficiency across your operational environment. No matter the use case, Trace3 can design, implement, and tune Splunk Edge Hub to meet your varied needs.

Partner Solutions

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your IT Infrastructure to ensure environmental conditions and normal operating parameters are maintained, thus reducing any potential issues or downtime by proactively detecting anomalies before they turn into a larger problem.

Manufacturing Anomaly Detection

Streamline collection from varied sources to gain insights across your industrial and manufacturing environments, ensure safe and effective operating environments to improve efficiency, and proactively maintain equipment to reduce outages.

Healthcare/Medical Device Monitoring

Easily locate and track usage of your mobile medical devices, monitor for malfunctions such as anomalous vibrations or increased radiation output from imaging devices, and ensure proper maintenance of medical equipment to reduce costly repairs.


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