Networkology is renowned for providing industry leading IT professional solutions and services across all sectors. We specialise in supplying services to central and local government; other public sector customers; and defence and aerospace. Our partnership with Splunk enables us to deliver expert solutions to our customers, maximising the value of their data, delivering tangible outcomes and customer successes. Our consultants are vendor certified in the Splunk product portfolio, with over 15 years of industry experience.


The OT team at Networkology excels in crafting bespoke Edge Hub solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your organization.

Bringing the combined, extensive experience from our networking, security, observability and OT background, our team is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that enhance operational resilience and enhance your data visibility.

We handle every step from discovery, to delivery, to after-care and support. Our skilled consultants are committed to discovering your monitoring needs, architecting the appropriate solution to deliver your requirements, and executing the delivery with the professionalism and integrity.

Our observability solutions leverage the power of the Splunk Edge Hub, bringing associated sensors in to augment the solution and deliver the outcomes through Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud.

Our commitment to your success ensures the best solutions are delivered swiftly and effectively, transforming your operational landscape with proactive monitoring, enhanced visibility, and optimised performance.

Partner Solutions

Smart & Sustainable Manufacturing

Streamline production processes with a focus on sustainability. Leverage real-time insights to optimise energy use. Revolutionise your manufacturing processes by merging Splunk Edge Hub's real-time monitoring with comprehensive data analytics. This powerful combination optimises energy efficiency, fosters sustainability, and unlocks predictive maintenance opportunities.

Valuable Insights

Seamless integration with the right instance of Splunk, offering valuable insights quickly with minimal disruption.

Sustainability focus

Comprehensive sustainability focus. Tailored solution allows to build upon energy monitoring to incorporate other sustainability factors such as gas usage.


Predictive maintenance allows for cost-effective repair and avoids costly maintenance schedule disruption.


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