GuidePoint Security is a trusted advisor and global leader in IT and OT Security. As a leading Splunk Partner, we have expert security consultants with experience in both public and private sectors providing Data Analytics, Automation, and Security Engineering. GuidePoint Security brings forward professional services in both software and hardware solutions tailored to our customers’ use cases and needs.


GuidePoint Security Services and Solutions are designed to assist our customers with first-rate professional services for all your Splunk Edge Hub essentials.

Our Splunk engineers can help with installation, configuration, data onboarding, and use case development for your sensors, Edge Hubs, and Splunk Enterprise deployment. We utilize pre-built and custom solutions to be able to track equipment performance and reliability. This allows you to identify possible equipment malfunctions before they happen.

Partner Solutions


We can assist with deploying sensors and communication of sensors to the Splunk Edge Hub.

Splunk Security Gateway

Splunk Security Gateway (SSG) comes with Splunk Cloud. We can assist with registering all your mobile/wireless devices to SSG and configuration of the Splunk Spacebridge.


We can create dashboards and alerts to monitor all your OT devices and react quickly to potential complications in your equipment.


Automate your processes with a Splunk SOAR to ensure the quickest response to issues with your OT devices.


Combine the power of analytics with Operational and Security data for a holistic approach to monitoring your OT environment.


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Get Started with Splunk R Edge Hub

Whether you are looking to monitor your edge devices, analyze edge data, or automate your edge operations, Splunk Edge Hub solutions will get you there faster. Get in touch with us today to learn more and take the first step towards edge computing success.

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