Fulcrum specializes in offering comprehensive cybersecurity and technology solutions. With our expertise, we aim to assist clients in learning, evaluating, planning, implementing, and operationalizing solutions including traditional data analytics, SIEM, SOAR, IoT, and IIoT. By partnering with Fulcrum, clients can benefit from the guidance and support of our knowledgeable experts throughout the entire process.


Fulcrum leverages the power of IoT sensor metrics and monitoring to provide comprehensive solutions in the domains of Industry 4.0, general IT, and cybersecurity. With their expertise, Fulcrum assists organizations in implementing and optimizing IoT sensor networks, ensuring seamless data collection and analysis. Their solutions enable efficient asset tracking and management, environmental monitoring, energy efficiency, and anomaly detection.

By partnering with Fulcrum, organizations gain access to knowledgeable experts who guide them through the entire process, from planning and implementation to operationalizing the IoT solutions. Fulcrum's commitment to delivering innovative and reliable services empowers organizations to harness the potential of IoT technologies, make informed decisions, and enhance their operational efficiency while maintaining robust cybersecurity measures.

Our Splunk engineers can help with installation, configuration, data onboarding, and use case development for your sensors, Edge Hubs, and Splunk Enterprise deployment. We utilize pre-built and custom solutions to be able to track equipment performance and reliability. This allows you to identify possible equipment malfunctions before they happen.

Partner Solutions

IoT Sensors

IoT sensors enable organizations to track and manage physical assets effectively, gathering real-time data on location, status, and usage. This improves asset utilization, reduces loss/theft, and streamlines maintenance/replenishment processes.

Continuous Monitoring

In agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare, maintaining specific parameters is crucial. Continuous monitoring ensures optimal conditions, identifies issues/risks, and enables proactive measures for damage prevention and regulatory compliance.

Sensor Metrics

IoT sensor metrics aid anomaly detection across environments. Analyzing sensor data establishes baselines and detects deviations indicating abnormal behavior or security breaches. Respond earlier, protect critical assets, maintain operational integrity.

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