Dipole Group's capabilities span across Telecommunications, Finance, Insurance, Print Digital Media, Broadcast, and Supply Chain. Our solutions include consolidating and migrating data centers, managing and optimizing data, providing L1, L2, and L3 support, engaging in software development and DevOps, focusing on cyber security and DevSecOps, conducting audits, ensuring compliance, identifying and mitigating risks, implementing automation, ensuring quality assurance, and preventing fraud.


Data Service Suite:

Dipole Group, in partnership with Edge Hub Central, offers a cutting edge-edge suite of Splunk services designed to empower organizations with real-time operational intelligence.

Our comprehensive services package integrates seamless data collection, advanced analytics, and robust security features, tailored to optimize IT operations, risk management, decision making processes.

By harnessing the power of Splunk technology, enhanced with Edge Hub Central’s capabilities, Dipole Group’s services ensure unparalleled data insights and infrastructure management, essential for today’s dynamic business environment.

End to end Solutions:

- Data Integration: Seamless collection from varied sources for comprehensive analysis.

- Real-Time Monitoring: Customizable dashboards for instant insights.

- Advanced Analysis: Leverage powerful search capabilities and machine learning.

- Security Assurance: Robust features to meet compliance and protect data.

- Proactive Alerts: Stay ahead of incidents with immediate notifications.

- Scalable Architecture: Grow your capabilities as your data expands.

- Expert Services: From setup to support, our Splunk experts are with you at every step.

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Data Service Suite

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Quality Assurance Service Suite

Telecom Service Suite

Cyber Security Service Suite

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