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Bridge Tech Global puts disruptive technology into practice by developing, testing, and deploying innovative solutions to complex engineering problems. With 25+ years of experience, we understand the need to bridge workforce development and applied applications in IoT, data analytics, and AI. Our combined services and training offer unique opportunities to broaden participation in the industry while developing new solutions and improving existing ones.


Bridge Tech Global services are designed to meet the needs of business, industry, educational, governmental, and non-governmental organizations. We start by listening to you. We use an agile framework to provide frequent incremental product releases and timely responses to changing conditions—ensuring the best solution for your needs with the most efficient use of time and resources.

In partnership with Splunk Edge Hub Central and its AR Team, Bridge Tech Global our Data Center’s 6-step process for environmental monitoring includes installing Splunk Edge monitors and sensors, capturing environmental data on the Splunk Edge platform, monitoring and providing alerts as needed, conducting data analytics, providing reports, and developing solutions.

Partner Solutions

Environmental Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, data storage on Edge Hub Central platform, and customer alerts

Data Analytics

Data analytics for customers and data sets for workforce training


Comprehensive reports to customers

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