Avocado provides technology Services across the IT lifecycle that automate, monitor, optimize and secure our client's systems and infrastructure. We offer flexible engagement models aimed at getting the most out of Splunk. This includes a Splunk Managed Service, Professional Services right through to the development of Splunk Centre of Excellence (CoE).


Splunk Edge Hub is a powerful hardware device that has a multitude of sensors available out of the box to solve numerous problems. Avocado takes that built in power and supercharges it with our AI knowhow creating a solution to solve the difficult business problems.

The Splunk Edge Hub includes a powerful AI processer and all its sensors, meaning it has many hidden capabilities. To harness this power and build next generation AI based solutions you need Avocado’s expertise in building Splunk Edge Hub AI solutions.

Partner Solutions

Critical Infrastructure

Safe Biometric security inside a datacentre. AI powered anomaly detection of equipment lockers in remote and rural locations. Correlated vendor and third-party sensing on crucial network appliances.

Fleet management

Remote reporting of locations and condition of mobile fleet assets. Collection of sensor data from inside vehicles. Predictive analysis of vehicle health by correlating a wide array of vehicle system metrics

Highly Secure Spaces

Detect movement of inventory using AI powered visual recognition. Receive alerts for unauthorized access based on biometrics. Capture and correlate third party sensor data such as RFID scanners and weight sensors in Splunk.


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