HCT International, Inc.

HCT delivers your business insights fast and efficiently. We answer complex business questions in real time, delivering superior outcomes to customers in the United States and around the world. We have over 20 years of experience in Industrial IOT, Logistics, Analytics, AI, enterprise Security, DevOps and FinTech.


HCT global Professional Services and Engineering teams help you define the requirements to get the most out of OT, OIT and your systems. Get operational and decision support data fast and easy. Democratized information across the organization at all levels with a single tool. Systems and devices insights are now easier, cheaper, and faster to produce, using Splunk Edge Hub and HCT expertise.

Our portfolio of solutions includes unique use-cases across industries such as manufacturing, industrial, Logistics, energy, retail, FinTech and telecommunications to help you optimized your business decisions and operations. Proactively monitor and protect your systems, reduce unplanned downtime, and improve efficiency with data. Splunk Edge Hub and HCT is the next step of the evolution of OIT. HCT International is an approved Splunk seller for Splunk Edge hub.

Partner Solutions

Energy Management

Easily manage plant energy consumption by gaining real time insights across multiple sources and IOT data points. Improve and maintain SLA to proactively measure cost and productivity in a complex environment.

Logistics Fraud Control

Control your operation by cross checking, in real time, multiple source systems and IOT data points. Running AI or simply detecting inconsistencies within the operation, stop fraud right at the source.

Manufacturing Management

Get a 360˚ vision of your industrial processes, and easily understand when and how to optimize your operation with real time IOT data points and AI. Project your outputs instead of looking at the past to make decisions.

Get Started with Splunk R Edge Hub

Whether you are looking to monitor your edge devices, analyze edge data, or automate your edge operations, Splunk Edge Hub solutions will get you there faster. Get in touch with us today to learn more and take the first step towards edge computing success.

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